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As a Platinum Advertiser on Barbados Property Search you get access to all the standard realtor featues with the additions of :-

  1. Site-wide Featured Listings
    Promoted property listings sitewide
  2. Special Listing Features
    Ability to place properties on our specially promoted listing types (e.g. Welcome Stamp, Quarantine, etc.)
  3. Auto Share
    Your properties are automatically added to Facebook and Twitter  
  4. Priority support
    Instant support/responses from our team on any query you may have
  5. Site-wide Promotions
    Site-wide advertising of your company
  6. 24hr Feed Update
    Your automated feeds update every 24 hours (as opposed to every 72 hours for regular realtors)
  7. Instant Push Updates
    Instant push updates as requested for your automated/linked property feed
  8. Downloadable Enquiries
    Downloadable file of your enquiries for CRM integration
  9. Much More!

Platinum Advertiser membership is charged and renewed monthly. Try it today!

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