Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to contact us and we will answer it for you!

How do I list my properties on Barbados Property Search?

Barbados Property Search is for members of BEAVA - for information on joining BEAVA, please visit their website -

How much commission does Barbados Property Search charge?

ZERO. does not, and will never, charge any commision or fee for a successful rental or sale. All communication is direct between the advertiser and the potential client.

How do I remove my property?

To remove you property/properties you can click 'My Properties' (under the 'My Account' item on the main menu). From this screen you can edit and/or delete the property. Setting the property status to offline will remove it from all listings.

I don't see the option to add a new property?

Depending on what type of account you have, you may have created the maximum amount of listings you are allowed. Please see the comparison of account types to for a reference. You may wish to remove some of your old listings, or, alternatively, upgrade to a higher level of account.

How do I edit my business profile page?

Each account can have a business profile. Depending on your account type you will have different options available to you
To edit your profile :-
Login to your account
Select 'My Profile' from the 'My Account' menu item.
Click Edit to edit your profile, when finished click the 'save' button.

I already have a property site, can I upload my properties automatically?

Yes, this is a free feature that we offer to our Platinum Realtor members:- We can integrate with your site, via RSS or CSV and have the listings from your primary site automatically integrated into those on BarbadosPropertySearch - you enter the properties as per normal on your site, and then they will automatically appear on our listings - no need to enter the information or upload the images twice.
Please contact us to discuss as each integration is unique.

How do I change the summer/winter/Christmas dates for my vacation rental?

You can edit the dates for all your properties as one on your profile. Or, you can edit the dates individually on each property.

My property is under offer/sold, how do I change this on your site?

When you edit your property, there is a drop-down for 'Property Status' with the options of 'Live', 'Under Offer', 'Sold', 'Rented', 'Offline'.
If you set the property to 'Under Offer' it will display this in the image(s) of the property and on the property details.
If you set the property to 'Sold' or 'Rented' it will no longer appear on the listings.
If you set the property so 'Offline' it will not appear in any listings site-wide.
You can also 'delete' the property entirely using the 'Delete' button at the bottom of the edit screen.
If you are a Premium Realtor using our automated service, the property will update automatically within the next 24hours, or, alternatively, you can contact us to request an immediate auto-update.

What are the features of the different account types?

We offer free accounts for home/light users and two different types of paid accounts for realtors, the comparison page shows the benefits of each account type.

My properties aren't automatically updating from my feed, what do I do?

The feeds update automatically once every 24-48 hours. If you need an immediate update, as a Platinum User you can action this through your control panel.

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